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Considerations for Raster to Vector Conversion Software

Raster image work comprises the majority of the digital image world. This kind of image consists of rows of colored pixels and can't be enlarged without quality loss. Vector image work is less frequent, but produces crisp, clean edges and could be enlarged forever. You are able to convert a raster image, like a logo design, right into a vector image using tools incorporated in many vector programs or standalone conversion software. However, the standard from the result is dependent on the standard of the beginning image. Some software is much better suited than others in terms of qualities and resolution, and here we will provide commentary on a number of issues concerning Raster to Vector Conversion.

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Automatic Conversion

Probably the most consistent method to convert a raster image to vector would be to by hand redraw the entire picture using vector tools. This guarantees that you simply vectorize the best elements. However, this method is time consuming. Utilizing an automatic ripper tools makes vectorizing a raster image faster and simpler. Ripper tools programs may need you to click the area you want to vectorize, or they might simply batch process files. Professional conversion can also be available. This better method creates a cleaner result, but is expensive.


Your vector conversion is more efficient having a high resolution file. A raster image might be screen resolution, at approximately 72 dots per inch, or print resolution, at 200 to 600 dpi or perhaps greater. A greater resolution means more pixels and much more information that your conversion software can function. Conversions made using screen resolution images, especially high-compression jpgs, may finish up jagged-searching or blocky.

Scan Quality

A persons eye can understand information that the scanner or software program can't. Including grime or streaks within an image, skewed lettering and black and whitened images which are really comprised of many colored pixels. Vectorization programs often produce extra vectors, attempting to take into account image noise along with other items of poorly-scanned image. Create a clean scan within the correct color mode before conversion.

Image Quality

The standard from the original image may also affect automatic vectorization. For example, for those who have a hands attracted image that has streaks or erasure marks, the vector program will interpret these included in the picture, as the eye ignores them. Digital image created using an uncertain hands, or unconnected lines, may also produce problematic results. Draw cleanly and thoroughly when creating a raster drawing later on vectorization.


Most vector image consists of logos, line sketches, text along with other neat and simple elements. However, it's possible vectorize an image. The end result includes less subtle gradations and could contain a lot of vectors. Additionally, it creates a large file. Generally, while large-size vector images don't produce large files, complex ones do. Vectorizing complicated images may also decelerate your pc, since these types of pictures require more system assets.

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