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Ever hear of the elevator pitch?

Ever hear of the elevator pitch? A focused pitch or short conversation in which you practice selling the services of your business in as quick and strong a way as possible just in case you ever bump into Donald Trump in an elevator.

From perfect ice breakers to open ended questions which hopefully lead into deeper dialogue people attend seminars on this subject and seem to understand it's importance.

From the firm handshake to the perfect conversation which delivers an exciting, impactful and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with.

These are the 5 main tips people teach when trying to improve their elevator pitch

What can you do for me?

After introducing yourself you quickly address the common problem straight away, explaining immediately how your company can offer the solution.

You personalize this persons problem into the question and then offer the solution - Your company.

Prove your Credibility

You quickly prove your credibility and the fact that you are growing. You mention other large businesses you have worked with and how you have helped them.

Peak their Curiosity

You keep your elevator pitch short and don't try to pack in too much. Small, quick, snappy details.

You explain your expertise, why you are best suited to their needs and leave it with a general positive overview of your company. The main thing is to come across confident in your company, product or service.

Call to Action

You started the pitch for a reason so let them know it clearly. Want a new client - you say it. Want to do business together - you say it. Need to raise funds - state how much. You let them know exactly what you want from them.

Practice makes perfect

You must practice your pitch to perfection so it becomes natural.

You don't want to sound pre-recorded. You show passion and confidence and most of all relax. You practice and practice and practice until it is a crafted pitch that rolls off the tongue.

What is the Point?

The point I am trying to make is for some reason people understand the importance of making the perfect first impression in person, but will not care too much about what is placed on their marketing material which is also a reflection of themselves and their business.

I have had clients over the years who have paid to go to seminars to perfect pitches as they we're attending large networking events only to ask me to throw together a flyer or brochure in the last minute.

Your copy must be perfected and well crafted too! If you could only hand Donald Trump one piece of marketing literature would you have something you we're truly proud of? Marketing material that was a true reflection of your business?

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