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Awhile back, I bought these frames at Cash Liquidators

Awhile back, I bought these frames at Cash Liquidators in Forsyth, Ga. They we're gold, but only $10 each. They did have some art that was matted, but I didn't like the art. Just bought them for the frames. Where else can you get large, matted frames for $10?

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So, I painted them with leftover paint from our old house. This was the interior door color. My dilemma has been the art. I can't print over 812, so I had a friend print some things I found online awhile back. It wasn't exactly what I needed, so I continued to look. I've mentioned Vintage Printables before. The site is difficult to navigate, but has some great stuff!

When I saw this guy, I knew I wanted to do leggy birds for my grouping. Isn't he cute?

I printed on a linen type paper. I think it's acutally old resume paper. To solve my dilemma of the large mat, I used spray adhesive to glue cream burlap behind the print.

These birds printed with the aged looking background. All I had to do was trim the white edges.

Until now, the frames have been over one of our sofas, but I wanted to try on this wall.

I felt like this wall needed some height since it's across from the fireplace wall.

Here we go, pardon the glare.

ButI still had to try over the sofa. I had a round mirror over it that just seemed too small.

I really did love the birds over the bench more. Maybe it's the fact that you can see them up close versus over the sofa. Sometimes when you are trying to change things, you will already have what you need. May just be somewhere else. I stole these two framed coral prints from the breakfast room, and added beside the mirror. I think it works! Fills the space better. I also like having a mirror in the room. And the round shape ties in with my fave round lamps. [the mirror is a recent find from Ballard Design's back room on Holcomb Bridge Rd in north Atlanta]

You are getting to see the family room. [I'm not done] We've made a lot of progress. [when are you ever done decorating?] This is the main room I have been focusing on, because we spend most of our time here.

My "two heads are better than one" Sugarboo artwork is my favorite piece in the house! [Not like we have a ton of art]

You may be wondering why we have two benches in here, well, for now I just needed to fill some space. One day I would love something tall to the right of the fireplace.

Our swivel, glider chairs have been the best buy ever!!! We love them, they are super comfortable.

[I can order if you are interested, also the sofas are by Best Slipcover Co. and I sell those too!]

Since Vintage Printables is difficult, I wanted to share my birds. You should be able to right click, and save.

This heron is my second favorite.

Here are a few I didn't use, but love.

While I had the camera out, had to get this. The girls love hanging out in the so called "formal" living room. They think furniture is for lounging, all furniture! [Luckily I can wash the pillow covers!]

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