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School starts in 10 days

School starts in 10 days for my guys and Olivia will be entering Kindergarten It's an all day program and she is so excited she can hardly stand to wait. But me? I'm going to miss her so much. I won't miss all the fighting with her sisters - the screaming and crying and carrying on (she's a bit on the dramatic side) but I will miss her help and her snuggles and her laughter throughout the day too. School changes kids and I'm not sure I'm ready to lose another one into "the system" but I guess I really don't have a choice.

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I have a few more weeks left at "the job" and I am feeling that pang of "short timers" disease. I don't want to mess things up though when I leave as this may be an option for employment when my kids are older. Gotta leave those possibilities open. I'm scared of making the change in jobs now because of the age old worry of money. I have 2 full time kids starting in daycare at the end of the month and one part time and I have a lead on a 3rd full time child but it's still less money than I'm bringing in right now. I know it's not just about money but with gas/oil prices like they are and winter and Christmas coming it just makes me queasy with worry.

I'm excited about daycare again though. I love watching children learn and seeing that confidence build with each accomplishment - that has always been my favorite part. It's just the parents that drive me to distraction - some not all. I have to develop better strategies for letting things roll off my back but it's tough with daycare as it's hard to keep the relationship strictly professional when you are caring for these peoples kids. It'll be good for us to have the structure back too. All of our routines have gone out the window and it shows when you look at the kids and the house.

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