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I'm a fanatic Brave Leader series

Being in three different boards and having to deal with work-life balance, she learned how to prioritize her energy to what really matter. She started to focus less on minor things and guaranteed that what really was important had focus. She also decides what she does with her time according to what speaks to her. In her case, she gets involved with things that move the needle for the black and brown kids. "It's not fair that my child gets the opportunity to have someone to read 28 books a day for her and they don't. It bothers me! Find something that bothers you".

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About uncertainty, she speaks that you have to get comfortable being uncomfortable, you will never know, never be 100% sure. Making a mistake is not a problem. Don't agonize about it. Make your mistake, forgive yourself, and move on.

About creating a connection, she told that she reads a lot of things, and ask people a lot of questions, with genuine interest. Once she had a meeting for 2 hours with some entrepreneurs and they didn't ask one single question to her, while she knew everything about them. Make sure that you ask questions to people and make them talk about themselves.

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