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    Environmental Policy

    Building exhibition stands while minimising waste

    We take the environment very seriously. So much so in fact that we recycle or reuse every single item we use to build our exhibition stands. This in an industry that is not exactly renowned for its environmental statistics as you will see if you are ever look at the amount of rubbish being thrown away after the show has taken place – but we are getting better as an industry.

    As an exhibition stand builder a few years ago, we would have had to build stands entirely out of wood and that would be discarded or burnt after the show however, we now focus solely on our Rock Solid stand package and that means we never have to throw anything away.

    The Rock Solid stand package is an all inclusive exhibition stand package from one of the best exhibition stand builders in the UK and costs just £250 per square metre. It includes lots of items that then go into the next package for another customer at a later date and so we never throw anything away. The items in question include 3m high seamless graphics, installation anywhere in the UK, a bar table and two bar stools, exhibition lighting, a large lockable reception counter with plenty of storage inside, a literature rack and a project manager to work with the exhibitor in the weeks leading up to the event who will deal with all of the exhibitor manual paperwork and health & safety forms leaving the exhibitor to get on with running their own business.

    Even the customers graphics are stored for use at a later date or after a period of time shredded and recycled.

    Our vehicles are very efficient and large enough to fit several stands in at any given time, leading to more savings on fuel and as an exhibition stand contractor limiting our impact on the environment.

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