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19 Actionable Trade Show Success Tips
June 18, 2018

19 Actionable Trade Show Success Tips

Appearing at a trade show is unquestionably a great eye-opening experience. It can help you to reenergize the relationships you have with your existing customers and assist in generating new customers for your business. Trade shows are also one of the best ways to launch a new product or service that you have been working on behind the scenes. Not only do they offer ample opportunities for branding, but they can also work as a platform where you can rub shoulders with other industry professionals.

A trade show is not just a place for you to promote your company, but also a venue that offers you stiff competition from other brands within your niche market. To get the attention of potential customers, you need to make a strong impression in the minds of your booth visitors. This will help you to make sure that your target customers will give more importance to your brand than they do to others. Establishing a strong rapport with your booth visitors can go a long way to ensure success for your company in an otherwise competitive business environment.

Here are some great trade show success tipsthat can help you to enhance your business potential by attending a trade fair:

First Impressions Go A Long Way

First impressions really count when you are seeking to attract the attention of potential customers and convert them to a long-term buyer. Many highly successful businesses put a lot of effort into creating atrade show booth with the right kind of visual impact. The booth should not only be aesthetically brilliant but also effectively convey the central message of the business at a glance. Research has proven that customers often form their first impressions about a company’s trade show booth in less than a second. While it is true that not every company may have a big budget, it is still important to invest wisely in managing the creative aspects of the design of an exhibition stand.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Make sure that your trade booth stands out from others, as it will help you to generate far greater interest from potential customers. Whilst it’s not always possible for you to know in advance how other competing businesses are creating their trade stands, you can do some research to learn about current exhibition trends and then create a booth that displays innovation and original thinking. Make sure the colors and lighting you use is not too loud or gaudy and that the aesthetics are in line with the central message of your company.

Positive Customer Engagement
Active Customer Engagement is Proven to Lead to Further Interest From Other Would Be Customers.

Generate Interest Through Customer Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that people often choose companies or service providers that other people are going to when making a purchasing decision. The reasons for this is that people often look for social proof as this gives them a sign of reliability. Hence in order to engage more potential customers with your brand, it is important that your company’s exhibition team interacts with booth visitors as such engagement can reap rich rewards.

Make Your Company Branding Visible From A Distance

When you are looking to attract the attention of hundreds of potential customers, it is always a good move to put your company’s name and logo in a spot that will make it easily visible from a long distance. This will naturally help you gain recognition from customers even though there are numerous other companies vying for their attention.

Offer Promotional Gifts

A good way to generate interest amongst exhibition visitors is to make use of promotional gifts and giveaways. Offer t-shirts, stickers, light up trinkets, pens, bags and other items printed with your branding. You can also organize a game or a contest where the winner can get certain prizes.  As more people get your promotional trinkets, there is going to be an even bigger number of people who will want them. By starting a fun competition among attendees, you can effectively promote your brand and generate an interest among potential customers.

Use Slideshows & Video

In recent years, making use of video content and slideshows has become more commonplace at exhibitions. With videos and slideshows, you can easily generate more interest about your brand from potential customers. Videos are an excellent channel of communication and business promotionbecause they offer an easily digestible form of presentation that can quickly get your key messages across with minimal effort. By making use of video and interactive content, you can take a huge load off the exhibition team during busy periods whilst increasing your ROI potential.

Benefit From Pre-Show Marketing

Nowadays, many companies focus on pre-show marketing as it gives them the opportunity to work on networking with potential customers. You can reach out to various attendees approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to the main show or exhibition to invite them to the event. By meeting with these attendees, you can generate a greater interest about your products and services. A good way to network with potential customers is by collecting their phone numbers and email addresses for future reference.

Social Media Apps
Spreading the word via social media is easy and doesn’t cost a penny!

Attract Audiences Through Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful mediums for online communication and business promotion. By posting news about your upcoming trade show attendance, you can generate interest among your followers about new products and services that you’re preparing to launch. You can also encourage your online visitors to share and like your posts so that potentially new customers may also take an interest in what you have to offer. This will naturally increase crowd sizes to your trade show, which will likely attract more customers when the exhibition starts.

Get Leads From Industry Insiders

In most cases, you will find that the other exhibitors at trade shows are targeting the exact same customers as you are. Therefore, it can be a good idea to obtain contact information and leads to enhance your business potential. While it is not advisable that you ask for leads from a rival company, you can certainly get in touch with companies for leads that focus on addressing the same market that you are focusing on.

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Offer Company Insight & Create A Portfolio

There will be many people at an exhibition that‘ll be discovering your company for the very first time. These individuals may be eager to learn more about your business, the areas you specialize in, the products and services that you have to offer and the quality that you can provide. By creating a portfolio about all the products you have developed and the projects that you’ve handled, you can present an in-depth educational experience to new customers who want to know more about your brand and invest in it.

Create A Memorable Experience

Another great way to generate customer interest in your brand is to create a stunning experience. This often allows your customers to have an idea of what you’re offering and how it can benefit them. By having a direct idea about your brand and its benefits, they can develop a frame of mind that will help them to invest in you.

Make Use of Interactive Media

A good way to attract new customers is to have them directly interact with your services, products or the brand itself. By creating exhibition stands that invite customers to interact directly with your services and products, you can generate greater engagement and interest, which will automatically boost your ROI. You can make use of touch screen devices, which work well in these situations.

Study Successful Trade Show Hosts for Your Own Benefit

It’s always helpful to learn tricks of the trade from the best in the industry. While it’s assumed you have prepared to the best of your abilities to create the perfect exhibition stand, it always helps to learn from industry leaders when looking for the most effective ways to promote your business. This will help you to have a more productive trade show experience and make better use of your resources.

Have Your Sales Team Approach Customers Directly

No matter what product or service you’re selling, a good way to make a positive impression on your potential customers is to have your sales team reach out to them directly. In today’s market where people often purchase goods online, it pays to have a team on hand who customers can speak to directly to get a clear idea about your brand and the products or services you offer. Before your sales team pitches your products, make sure they have complete knowledge about your entire product line from top to toe. They should be well versed about your business strategy and instructed on how they can use company resources to secure the best sales. You can also use some friendly competition among your sales staff in order to boost sales performance.

Show Interest in Other Companies Before They Get Interested in You

If you’re running a B2B business, you will need to interact with many other businesses and get to know them first before they take a serious interest in what you have to offer. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask questions to a potential buyer when you are looking to do business with them.

Measure Your Company’s ROI

In order to make sure that you’re effectively gaining from your efforts at a trade show, you must have a well-developed measuring mechanism that will help you to evaluate if your methods are working or not. By having such measures in place, you’ll have a much clearer way of determining whether your marketing methods have been successful or not. So get rid of all the outliers and biases, which can skew the collected data.

Prepare In Advance

It is a well-known fact that preparing for the trade show well in advance can help you greatly when you want to manage all the finer details of your objectives. You could perform thorough market research, come up with an excellent strategy for the upcoming trade show, decide on the media and aesthetics of your trade booth, handle all the backstage aspects of your exhibition stand and prepare your sales team so that they can work on creating a positive customer response. This can naturally help you to enhance your business potential and boost your ROI.

Generosity & Hospitability Always Pays Off

It always pays to give a warm welcome to your potential buyers. For instance, arranging for comfortable seating arrangements, offering tea, coffee and bite-sized snacks can go a long way in easing people into your business and creating a positive vibe. By being generous to your guests, you can prep them to show an active interest in your products and services but also set up the field, which in turn can encourage them to get in touch with you in future as well.

Follow Up After The Show

Once the trade show is over, make sure to follow up with all the customers and warm leads that you acquired. It is advised to follow up leads as soon as the trade show ends to prevent them losing interest. This is important as there are literally hundreds of companies attending a show and it can be difficult for customers to remember your name unless you go that extra mile. Following up quickly will help you generate more sales and foster a rewarding relationship with your customers that can last for several years.

If you get a warm lead, never let it go cold!

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