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10 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas You Should Try That Actually Work
September 19, 2018

10 Trade Show Giveaway Ideas You Should Try That Actually Work

In the realm of trade shows, many attendees are very eager to grab any and all promotional freebies that they can get their hands on.

Use this to your advantage by creating exceptional trade show freebies that will excite, entertain and motivate people at the show and enhance your brand awareness.

Since there are dozens of different options for creating promotional freebies, listed below are ten options that may work for your organisation. These are well-known methods and are proven to work more so than others.

Take a look at the list of suggestions below and see what you can incorporate into the marketing of your company at the next industry trade show you plan to attend.

New York Mets Branded Clothing
By Giving Away Branded Clothing, Your Products Will Remain in the Minds of Exhibition Attendees

1) Clothing

Branded clothing has been a major marketing tactic for a number of years and it continues to be one that works. Choosing different types of clothing that includes items like hats, t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, shorts and more are great.

It is a good idea to pick a medium that best reflects your audience demographic. Also ensure you take the event into consideration as well, as you don’t want to be giving away items that are completely in appropriate.

Providing hoodies during a hot summer would be a poor idea as one example. Clothing may not be worn forever but will be a great branding opportunity long after the event.

2) Food

You can gain a lot of attention and create needed time for sales staff to engage attendees by offering free snacks and light refreshments. When there is food being offered on an exhibition stand, more people will gravitate towards your booth.

You could also include gamification with your food, like taste testing contests if appropriate to your product offering. When people eat good food that is free, they will be in good spirits and far easier to sell to.

3) Notepads & Pens

This may seem like one of the oldest tricks in the book, but this can still be an essential marketing vehicle.

You can offer attendees notepads and pens that contain your company’s branding printed on them. This will give you an opportunity to expose your brand name to people long after the show.

Offering notepads and pens can be extremely helpful to attendees who are interested in writing down information about the show or exhibitors, who forgot to bring one with them. This happens very often at trade shows and events.

4) Phone or Tablet Holders

With many different types of smartphones and tablets out there, your organisation can capitalise on offering attendees convenience and solve a problem all in one go.

Giving away a phone or tablet holders to attendees is a superb gift and one that rarely gets passed up. They cost little to produce so will not break the bank if you have a bulk order manufactured.

5) Phone Chargers

Nowadays, everyone uses a smartphone and many attendees will be busy on their phones tweeting, sharing information online, emailing and making phone calls during the show.

Unfortunately, many of these devices will run out of battery life in no time at all. You can capitalise on this by giving away branded smartphone chargers to people who visit your stand.

You’ll become instantly popular with many attendees when their phones come back to life, so striking up conversations about your business will be a breeze.

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6) Phone Speakers or Earphones

You can make the lives of your attendees more convenient by providing them with portable speakers or earphones that they can plug into their mobile devices.

You can have your company logo printed on these products at very little cost and they will make a great marketing giveaway that maximises the branding effect for the lifespan of the device.

iPhone Cracked Display Screen
Branded iPhone Cases Are Extremely Popular Exhibition Giveaways

7) Smartphone Cases

Since most business people do not go anywhere without their smartphones, you can offer smartphone cases which have company branding applied to them.

This is an excellent way to provide value in a cost-effective way, whilst expanding brand awareness everywhere the attendees go.

Your cases will protect their prized possession whilst your branding constantly reminds them about you and the products you sell.

8) Smartphone Apps or Ebooks

Another excellent giveaway idea is to offer free applications as well as eBooks.

People can easily become overwhelmed at trade shows and offering them something they can use or read that relates to your brand at a later time can be a great idea.

You can offer information about different products in an eBook or provide an entertaining downloadable smartphone app.

9) Sanitary Kits

Although not thought about that often, sanitary kits can be a great way to offer attendees cleanliness.

Branded soaps or hand sanitisers are a great method to have attendees physically interact with your freebie and it works. Many people are germ conscious at trade shows so hand sanitisers are a superb idea.

10) Free Advice

One of the very best freebies you can give away is expert advice to trade show attendees, by answering their questions and providing practical solutions to common problems.

When people have an outlet and can ask direct questions with an expert in your related field, they will have a much more memorable experience and strike up a relationship with you that could easily become highly lucrative.

Maximise marketing giveaway freebies

By following the outlined list of ten ideas above, you will have a far greater chance of increasing your brand awareness and gaining new customers over a longer period of time.

Give some of them a try and see how much they impact your results in a positive way.

Doug Ramsey

Doug is the Operations Director at Rock Solid Exhibitions. When he is not busy penning new blog posts for the company website, he is heavily involved in the design and build of numerous client exhibition stands at trade shows all over the UK and across Europe. Doug is passionate about delivering incredible exhibition booths to businesses of all sizes and loves to offer insight and opinion on our blog using his extensive experience within the industry. To find out more from Doug or to discuss an exhibition stand design, contact us on 01483 338978, email us or follow us on social media.