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10 Actionable Technologies That Will Improve Trade Show Success
November 15, 2018

10 Actionable Technologies That Will Improve Trade Show Success

Did you know that technology has been proven to give a far better audience response and return on investment when utilised on trade show stands at exhibitions?

Top experts were interviewed and asked their thoughts on the top technologies that can be used to increase return on investment at trade show events and the results were very interesting.

Within this article, we explore the top 10 technological suggestions you can implement into your exhibition stand design to gain the best possible audience reaction and create that all important memorable buzz.

1) Video Displays

This popular method of promotion is an essential technological option.

It helps to provide instant brand recognition, as well as marketing and in-depth information into your products and services, especially when your staff are busy dealing with attendees and sales leads.

Video displays act as a reliable fall back, helping you to constantly reach your visitors around the clock.

If presented using a professionally shot and edited infomercial for example, you can keep your audience captivated even if you are not conversing with them directly.

2) Interactive Touch Screens

This engagement strategy can give your visitors a hands-on experience with your products and services, whilst learning about what you have to offer and their key benefits.

Touch screens instantly provide detailed information to attendees who are short for time, a little on the shy side or if they are just dipping their toes in.

Offering touch screen displays is a great method to build a memorable experience in a visitors mind and a great way to break the ice.

Hughes Touchscreen Display

3) Tablets & Laptops

By making sure your sales team are fully equipped with the latest tablets and laptops with internet connectivity, this ensures their ability to sell is not restricted or negated. They can be used both for presenting to prospects or for hands-on use by attendees.

This gives each and every attendee the opportunity to explore your brand via your website, social media, or by a specially produced multimedia presentation.

We live in a digital age where devices like tablets are now the norm.

Providing this form of interactive technology is encouraged and should be used wherever possible.

4) Digital Brochures

An interesting concept that has been around for quite some time is to to offer your visitors and interested prospects a digital brochure.

This can take the form of a PDF or an executable application.

It is advised to offer downloadable files that require initial registration beforehand, thus ensuring you capture those all important details for later follow up.

Digital media downloads also means there’s no printing or paper waste to be concerned with.

So you never run out of brochures and there’s an infinite number of copies that can be distributed.

You are encouraged however to have a few physical copies of brochures and free marketing gifts on your exhibition stand, for those who don’t want to register to download your brochure.

5) Charger Stations

Practically everyone uses a smartphone these days.

And these devices typically consume a lot of power, especially when in constant use at trade shows.

By offering a charging station on your exhibition booth, you will instantly get the attention of practically the entire trade show.

It’s a great way to draw people in and inevitably, everybody’s phones and tablet will need a bit of extra juice in the battery at some stage!

It is at this precise point that you have the perfect opportunity to meet and greet people, by welcoming them onto your stand and introducing your products and services as they devices charges is battery.

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6) Free Wi-Fi

Offering free Wi-Fi internet connectivity is a great way to have people hang out at your booth.

It gives your sales team ample opportunity to introduce your product and service offerings.

People naturally flock to places where there’s free Wi-Fi access and trade shows are no different!

If you have the means, use this technology as an effective way to give your sales team more people to speak with and a greater chance of closing a deal.

7) Social Media

You can easily harness social media as part of your marketing strategy by announcing on your company’s Facebook page or other social media channels about your upcoming plans and exhibition attendance.

Try posting regular, informative content on your social media accounts and website.

Publish details about why you are attending and any special deals you may have on offer that are exclusive to the trade show.

Using social media is an invaluable tool to reaching a hugely varied and actively engaged audience.

8) Apps

Downloadable apps are continuing to become a major trend when it comes to exhibition marketing.

Giving attendees downloadable apps that they can install onto their smartphones or tablets is a great way to further your marketing long after the show.

By giving away a digital piece of your company, you will remind them of your organisation long after the trade show has concluded.

Exhibition Stand Arcade Games

9) Games

Providing games at your booth is an excellent way to gain lasting interest, and inspire a truly memorable experience in the minds of your attendees.

Experiences that trigger excitement and entertainment like games are a great tool to get people to really believe in your brand identify.

The more fun people have at your stand, the more they are willing to spend time learning about your products, and services.

10) Email Follow Up

Asking your booth’s visitors to fill out their name and email address is a great way to collect potential leads and follow up with those individuals via email.

It’s well known that email marketing is still highly effective and utilising this strategy will bring further results.

You can harness the data that you collect and send your prospects information related to your brand and the industry that you specialise in.

Email marketing is a very powerful technology and is still regarded as the one tool that helps to close deals long after trade shows have concluded.

Doug Ramsey

Doug is the Operations Director at Rock Solid Exhibitions. When he is not busy penning new blog posts for the company website, he is heavily involved in the design and build of numerous client exhibition stands at trade shows all over the UK and across Europe. Doug is passionate about delivering incredible exhibition booths to businesses of all sizes and loves to offer insight and opinion on our blog using his extensive experience within the industry. To find out more from Doug or to discuss an exhibition stand design, contact us on 01483 338978, email us or follow us on social media.